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 Hello i'd like to join your guild

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Hello i'd like to join your guild Empty
PostSubject: Hello i'd like to join your guild   Hello i'd like to join your guild EmptyThu Mar 27, 2008 6:18 pm

Character Info:
* Character name and class/race :
Xanelia Blood Elf warlock

* What's your /played time? :
28 days, 2 hours 47 mins
70: 14 days 16 hours 10 mins

* Is this your main character? Do you have any other alts? :
Yes this is my main character my alt is very low at the moment but i intend to level my druid called Skyhoof
Had a 70 warrior,60 priest and 60 druid

some statistics about my char:
8760 health
7375 mana
922 shadow dammage
spell hit rating +167
spell crit rate 12,28%
spec affliction and always been that way i do want to try out destro but i don't think i can do that with my current gear because i am lacking on spell crit.
armory prfile

* Previous guild(s) / server(s) and why did you leave them :
Raiders of Ogrimmar: irl friends guild
Salvia Calaquedi: I was able to get a trial period but I didn't make that because warlock Cl thought i had to little experience.
server change was mostly because IRL firends were playing there

* Raiding experience Pre-TBC and in TBC:
No preTBC and a little bit from my time in Salvia
Kara: Cleared
ZA: 3/4 bosses
SSC: Lurker and Leo the blind
TK: Solarian and Voidreaver
Gruul and Magtheridon: None

* Your Internet connection ?
Mostly under 50 ms

Personal Info: Patrick
* Location :
Dutch, No sorry not Amsterdam Razz

* Age (If you are under 16, don't bother applying) :
* Got any friends in the guild? :
Not that i know of

* Understanding the tactic, fast learner for new encounters?
I am a reasonably fast learner and I amost always pick up tactics very fast.

* Describe yourself and why you want to join us, and also describe why we should recruit you. :
I'd like to see some end game content and I was very disappointed i didn't get that chance in Salvia and then i saw Tazmo recruiting in general chat so i decided to try this Smile

I have little experience in hardcore raiding and I don't know if I will be able to be online every raid day but I'll try my best.
You should recruit me because I am a fun person to play with and I think i know how to play my class (at least never got to many complaints)
on most days my evening is filled but in the near future that will change probably.
for now:
-monday sports
-tuesday free
-wednesday work
-thursday free but sometimes away for hobby
-friday sports
-saturday work and sometimes going out getting wasted ;P
-sunday free
The sports i practice is called Tae Kwon Do it's a martial arts very fun
I work at my local supermarket i will probably quit there in a month or so because i have a daytime job
and the hobby i am talking about is WoWTCG Smile
* What do you expect from us as a guild ? : The oppurtunity to see end game content and having a nice community, loot will come in time i i go on raids i know that Smile

* We require that you have a working ventrillo and a working microphone. Do you have any problems with talking on ventrillo ?
At the moment my microphone isn't at it's best but i am working on it I do have acces to Ventillro and i can hear people fine.

* The main language spoken in the guild is english. Communication is important. How would you rate your english on a scale from 1 to 10 ? Never had a problem with enlish in my life i'd say 8 because i got that in school to Wink

well if there are any questions feel free to ask
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Hello i'd like to join your guild Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello i'd like to join your guild   Hello i'd like to join your guild EmptyFri Mar 28, 2008 6:30 am

Hey mate, rly nice appliecation, and u spent some time on it aswell..

And BLoodelf warlocks, or generally some Bloodelf's playerr are not good at there class, because they are a new race..

But whisper me ingame when u can catch me mate, ill have u on trial Smile
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Hello i'd like to join your guild
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