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 Resto Shaman app

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PostSubject: Resto Shaman app   Resto Shaman app EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 11:35 am

Character Info:
* Character name and class/race :
Surjin,Troll Shaman 0/7/54
(invested some talent points on PvP talents so I can easily do some arena games aswell but I did so without gimping my PvE performance)

* What's your /played time? :
approximately 29 days
around 210 days on my main.

* Is this your main character? Do you have any other alts? :
This is my alt but I spend much time on him.
My main is on Frostwhisper.

* Previous guild(s) / server(s) and why did you leave them :
I first joined Firebreath but I left after a while because it was a russian guild and everyone was typing in russian and they were also speaking in russian in vent.I joined Kung Pow after a while but I wasn't rly playing much wow at that time so I was removed due to inactivity. I pretty much gave up on PvE at that point and joined a greek guild for the social part but I was kicked from there for a very stupid reason I'm sure you'll find hard to believe....an officer said the new badge-reward vendor will be available through rep and I said he'll show up after people have done enough daily quests.Apparently he was offended and kicked me (lulz Rolling Eyes ...)

* Raiding experience Pre-TBC and in TBC:
Pre-TBC not much: Full ZG (including Hexxer),full AQ20,first 3 bosses in MC and helped some guilds with Ragnaros and 1st boss in BWL (all on my main,my shaman wasn't raid-able at that time)

BC: Full Kara,Doomlord Kazzak,Doomwallker,full Gruul's Lair,Maggtheridon (before and after nerf),Full TK (Kael up to phase 3),SSC all bosses (including Vashj) exept Karathress and Leo and full ZA

* Your Internet connection ?

Personal Info:
* Location :

* Age (If you are under 16, don't bother applying) :

* Got any friends in the guild? :
Nope,I barely know anyone on this server and that's the main reason if I happen to not be very active.

* Understanding the tactic, fast learner for new encounters?
I know the boss tacs for your current progress and I remember most of the tactics for the bosses to come.

* Describe yourself and why you want to join us, and also describe why we should recruit you. :
I'm a very social person if I'm given the chance, very helpful and also polite.
On a sidenote,I have to say I don't really enjoy raiding as resto (usualy I respecc in the weekends to grind for money) but I like raiding in general and I also PvP as resto so I comprimise with raiding as resto aswell.
So you might see me rolling on offspecc items quite often.

* What do you expect from us as a guild ? :
Friendly atmosphere,hopefuly I'll get to know some people wich will result in investing more time in this server and no drama over raids.

* We require that you have a working ventrillo and a working microphone. Do you have any problems with talking on ventrillo ?
yep,both vent and mic.
I have a microphone and I'm not afraid to use it! /threat Twisted Evil

* The main language spoken in the guild is english. Communication is important. How would you rate your english on a scale from 1 to 10 ?
I'd say 8-9,I speak fluent english as I have many friends from other countries,but sometimes there's that one word you want to say and it just won't come to mind
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Resto Shaman app Empty
PostSubject: Re: Resto Shaman app   Resto Shaman app EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 3:12 pm

Hey mate, rly nice application, u're a mature person and seems to know ur class.. but i want to test u out first ofc Smile

so give me a whisper in game when i come online tomorrow 17.00 Smile)

Welcome to our crew
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Resto Shaman app
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