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 (Resto shaman)

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PostSubject: (Resto shaman)   (Resto shaman) EmptyFri Mar 28, 2008 1:59 pm

Character Info:
* Character name and class/race : Resto shaman

* What's your /played time? : 10 days in level 70.

* Is this your main character? Do you have any other alts? : This is my main.

* Previous guild(s) / server(s) and why did you leave them : Quackpack, i left cuse the gm left and then i left to.

* Raiding experience Pre-TBC and in TBC: MC, ZG, bwl, kara, ssc, tk,

* Your Internet connection : Its good im not geting dc or something like that.

Personal Info:
* Location :

* Age (If you are under 16, don't bother applying) : 15

* Got any friends in the guild? : Sinorix

* Understanding the tactic, fast learner for new encounters? Yeah very fast learnd.

* Describe yourself and why you want to join us, and also describe why we should recruit you. : If you need an resto shaman i think im the man for it my gear is good but i got an crapy waist but soon vidicator.

* What do you expect from us as a guild ? : Nice ppl and nice raids no whine just if you ned to change something.

* We require that you have a working ventrillo and a working microphone. Do you have any problems with talking on ventrillo ? NO

* The main language spoken in the guild is english. Communication is important. How would you rate your english on a scale from 1 to 10 ? i whould say 7/8
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PostSubject: Re: (Resto shaman)   (Resto shaman) EmptySat Mar 29, 2008 7:29 am

atm we could need another resto shaman, but seems like u havent play much on this char, and also underage..

So sry hope u can find another guild.
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(Resto shaman)
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