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 FBI Agents Guild and Loot Rules.

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FBI Agents Guild and Loot Rules. Empty
PostSubject: FBI Agents Guild and Loot Rules.   FBI Agents Guild and Loot Rules. EmptySun Mar 16, 2008 6:50 pm

I will try to keep this post as short and clear as possible.Rules will be updated frequently,depending on the needs of the guild.

General Rules

1. Do -NOT- WHINE.
Do not whine for LOOT.
Do not whine for raiding spots,or for any other reasons.
The server is full of drama and we don't want any in our guild.

2. Do not abuse any chat by using a language other than english.
Anyone reported or caught speaking f.e. Greek, Swedish or any other foreign language in the gchat, general channels or raid chat, will be warned.
Keep doing it and we'll demote you. Eventually,you will be removed from the guild.

3. Be mature, treat other people, guild mates or not nicely.
Do not swear, do not fight in the guild chat, respect your fellow players.
If for any reason you have a problem with a guild mate of yours, talk to your class leader.
He will report it to the ones responsible for solving the problem.
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FBI Agents Guild and Loot Rules.
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